Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Karma story for you

Sitting in my house all by myself. Left my porch light on by accident. I didn't have any money to buy candy, so therefore I could not accommodate trick-or-treaters.

Little kids come ring the doorbell. I don't answer, so the smallest one walks around the corner and bangs on my garage door. The whole time I'm sitting at the peephole watching.. so as this little kid is leaving, he TRIPS and falls into a big bush I got sitting in front of my house. Lands right on his fucking face.
HAHAH ultimate karma. Little bastard.
Hate kids sometimes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thanks Google.

They disabled my AdSense for no reason at all.
I have no other source of income at the moment and it doesn't look like I will for a while.
Now they've deactivated my AdSense account.
I've appealed this because I'm innocent but from the precedent it doesn't seem like they're gonna bother getting back to me.

Fuck you Google. I'm done with you in every way. I'll be throwing my Google phone straight in the trash. I'll be using Bing as a search provider. Definitely getting a new Email address.

Nothing is forever, so count your days.

I'm currently in the process of learning the guitar parts for Believe in Nothing by All That Remains.
God damn good song. I want me and Keekee to play it together. <3 She can play Bass and I can play guitar.

MMM Keely (part 2)

Guess I'll be seeing the little bitchfuck in like 7 days.
I remember in Jersey while we were staying in a Hotel, she started throwing a fit like she does best, and threw all the blankets and sheets off the bed across the room.

     Watching Fear Fest on AMC...I don't even know what  the shit this is...
     Bitchfuck went to sleep apparently..can't text her..

  • She's beautiful
  • She has the same personality as me
  • She has the chubbiest damn cheeks you'll ever see
  • She's so sloww (got that dumb cute)
We play fight all the time. It's rather funny when she gets frustrated that she can't beat me and starts throwing a fit.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday October 27th, 2010

Sitting here listening to Metallica, talking with Keely on google.

I thought Keely would appreciate it if I posted some of her amazing pictures.



HTC Merge preview

HTC Merge. This phone is awesome. I'll be looking to switch to this from my Motorola Droid next month if it comes out when it's supposed to.

MMM Keely

My girlfriend Keely.
I love her. I love her hair, her big beady brown eyes, and her chubby cheeks. :)
She makes funny noises and makes me laugh randomly.

We were at my house once and she said something to me, and I turn and look at her and she asks: "Are you gonna beat the shit out of me?" HAHAHAH
We were watching the Sopranos...
She's so funny.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Custom Search

Well that just sucks ass..

The damn Giants won against the Cowboys.. after trying to kill they usually do every game..

They've injured 5 QBs out of 7 games they've played..morons.

MM Giants game tonight!!

Can't wait to see them get their asses handed to them by the Cowboys. Two horrible teams...

Monday, October 25th, 2010..

Got back from Jersey saturday, already miss my girlfriend Keehar. (Real name's Keely, call her Keehar cause she hates it).
One thing that sucks about being so far away from her is that I can't just grab her and hug her whenever I want.
Still patiently awaiting my email from FAFSA about my financial aid for College.
I really need to go.
OMG I THINK IT'S RAINING OUTSIDE. Too lazy to get up to confirm that..

Currently trying to think of ways to increase the content on my blog.

Sunday, October 24, 2010