Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Karma story for you

Sitting in my house all by myself. Left my porch light on by accident. I didn't have any money to buy candy, so therefore I could not accommodate trick-or-treaters.

Little kids come ring the doorbell. I don't answer, so the smallest one walks around the corner and bangs on my garage door. The whole time I'm sitting at the peephole watching.. so as this little kid is leaving, he TRIPS and falls into a big bush I got sitting in front of my house. Lands right on his fucking face.
HAHAH ultimate karma. Little bastard.
Hate kids sometimes.


  1. lol, damn kids. i live in an apartment so those little fuckers couldn't bother me while i was getting drunk

  2. lol, thats funny that that kid tripped